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The Best Morning Routine for your Mental Health Starts at Night

Do you struggle to start your day on the right foot? Do you have unhealthy habits slowing you down in the mornings? Do you want to be more successful throughout your day? Then creating a healthy morning routine is a great way to start. Creating a healthy morning routine will help to set you up for more successful days.

A healthy morning routine helps to get you in the right frame of mind, thereby managing your mental health. Awakening to a jarring alarm clock at the last minute and running around like a mad person is no way to start your day. This leaves you anxious and unprepared for whatever the day has in store. While on the topic of alarms, try using a tranquil alarm sound that gently prompts you awake. A good morning routine supports your mental health and sets you up for success.

The secret to creating a healthy morning routine starts with creating a healthy bedtime routine. How you end your night can affect you in the mornings.

Think about it, if you go to bed late and worried then you most likely wake up tired and anxious. So started with setting up a bedtime routine for yourself. Begin with winding down an hour before bed by setting aside your electronics. Try journaling, starting a gratitude practice, a cup of tea, preparing your clothes or food for the following day, and/or repeating affirmations. These habits can also help improve sleep.

Now that your night time routine has been created check out my morning routine in the video below.

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