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Unlocking Light: 6 Empowering Steps to Release the Past and Embrace Your Future

I've repeatedly heard and seen the word "release" for the last couple of months. The recurring theme has been the need to let go of past hurt, trauma, and negative thoughts to make room for what's ahead of me. As a result, I've genuinely focused on releasing anything that doesn't serve me to make room for what does. Here are six tips I've found to be extremely helpful in releasing.


Tip #1: Be kind to yourself. Releasing is a journey, not a sprint. You will have good days and not-so-good moments, so it's okay. Be kind to yourself, and be patient with yourself. The hurtful things of the past had an impact, and this is not a competition between who is doing better than you. Stop comparing your journey to anyone else; be kind to yourself. Especially if you have spent a lot of time focusing on this pain, talking about the pain, or maybe even hiding the pain. It has worked its way deep into your subconscious, and you no longer have to even think about it for it to show its existence. As a result, releasing will be a daily practice, so be kind to yourself.


Tip #2: Acknowledge that trauma occurred. Pretending that your past never happened is not helpful. Acknowledgment allows you to move towards healing. Hiding the pain of your past only gives it a firm hold on you. Let out a good cry if you need to. The pain and stigma diminish over time by shedding light on the dark places.


Tip #3: Become aware of your low-vibrating words that keep you stuck. Using low-vibrating vocabulary can keep you rehearsing, living, and recreating the past. Words like "I should, things never, bad things always happen to me, this pain will never go away, I am broken, and I am not worthy. Just typing these words, I felt my energy decrease. Our words set the intentions and energy of our days and lives. So, be careful with the intentions you are setting and the energy you are creating.


Tip #4: Repeat daily affirmations to help you release unwanted and unknown energy blockers holding you back. 

Affirmations such as - 

  1. I am releasing and letting go of the past.

  2.  I release what no longer serves me and make room for what does.

  3. I release the past and make room for my bright future. 

  4. Letting go comes easy to me. 

  5. I release today and live a happy, peaceful, and free life."


Tip #5: Rewrite your story from a different perspective. What good things happened in your life despite or despite the bad that occurred? Yes, my mom gave birth to me at 16 years old, my dad was in and out of my life, and a teacher molested me. Though these things are part of my story, they are not all. I can rewrite my story and focus my energy on the good and positive. Here is a rewrite of the same story. My mom gave birth to me at 16 and taught me the value of education through her example. We both obtained our master's degrees. With her support, I have traveled the world and taught aboard. I have also run for public office, married the love of my life, and become a full-time entrepreneur and mother: same story, different focus.


Tip #6: Practice grounding yourself. The author shares this grounding activity in Finally Full of Yourself: Unlocking Your Spiritual DNA by Maria Salomao-Schmidt. "Take a slow, deep breath now. Drop your shoulders. Pull in your core by tightening your stomach muscles until your spine shifts. Nice and easy. Release your breath if you are holding it in. If you notice tightness in your jaw, gently open and close it and move it from side to side. Take another deep breath. Picture a rock, any size or shape. Feel your "icky" energy fall away from you and feed it to that rock." Feed that rock your shame, hurt, pain, regrets, and negative energy. Keep breathing deeply while repeating affirmations if you like. Practice this activity as often as you need to.


I encourage you to join me this month in releasing unwanted energy blockers, which are things, people, or experiences that are holding you back, keeping you small, broken, and unhealthy. It is time to make way for your healing, growth, and happiness.

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